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Using @discardableResult in Swift

Learn how to safely ignore the result of a function or method in Swift using the @discardableResult attribute.
Feb 25 2023

Status Bar Background Color in SwiftUI

In iOS 15 it looks like the status bar default is now to have a transparent background. If you don't like this here is how you can change it.
Jan 25 2022

Multiple Sheets in SwiftUI

Sometimes you will need to show different sheets within one SwiftUI view. This can be difficult to manage, but it can be solved using the latest in SwiftUI.
Feb 15 2021

Background Color for SwiftUI

You want the entire background color filled.
Feb 14 2021

SF Font for CSS

Webkit has updated support for system fonts for CSS.
Feb 14 2021

Enumerating Tuples In SwiftUI

ForEach with an Array of Tuples can cause some unexpected results, if your id that your using is not unique. Here is a story.
Feb 13 2021

Enumeration and ForEach

You want the ability to get the index from an array during a ForEach. Here are some things to consider.
Feb 12 2021

Coding Problem Splitter

Twitter posting that suggested most candidates could not solve this particular problem. This post just walks through the example posting, along with a solution written in Swift.
Feb 02 2021

Swift Extensions

Swift extensions are a unique feature to the Swift language. I will try to outline all the different ways extensions are used in a project.
Jun 26 2020

Datasource and Traitcollection

Example of accessing the traitCollections within the DataSource. This example illustrates how inheritance can be useful in this situation.
Aug 30 2019

Voiceover on Tableview Cell

Example of taking a custom tableview cell that has a custom layout and getting the voiceover to read it as a group.
Jun 30 2019

Preferred status bar style

Need to change the preferredStatusBarStyle for one fo your child view controllers in your app? It might not be obvious on how to do it. This article explores one solution.
Oct 28 2018

Loading local JSON file

How to fetch a local JSON file. The articles discusses how you can access the local file system, using Codable and few other methods for prototyping.
Oct 22 2018


In Swift 4 they added the ability for grouping. This post contains an example of using it on an Array.
Oct 20 2018

Parsing XML (Final Solution)

An overview on how to use XMLParser for parsing XML documents. This contains the final solution. Make sure to see the other post for the how-to.
Oct 15 2018

Parsing XML

How to use XMLParser for parsing XML documents
Oct 15 2018

Get font families

Sometimes a design might require a custom font to be used. This summary outlines the resources and steps required to get your custom fonts setup in your build.
Oct 08 2018

Enum as asset identifiers

By using extensions on UIImage, you can use an Enum to catalog specific image assets
Oct 05 2018


→ elixir

Translating Swift Enum Type into Elixir

We explore how to adapt Swift's indirect enum feature, specifically a Result enum, into Elixir's functional paradigm. Perfect for developers looking to expand their understanding of both Swift and Elixir.
Oct 25 2023

Adding XML support in Phoenix 1.7

It wasn't so obvious how to render XML in Phoenix with the new approach to live views and rendering of templates. This is quick guide on how to do so. This could be wrong at the moment of reading this but always refer to the internet.
Oct 24 2023

Mocks and Elixir

Walk through example of testing in elixir using Mox. This examples walks through testing a module that makes API calls to a 3rd party client. It's a long tutorial.
Feb 18 2022

Cachex with Phoenix

A tutorial on how to setup Cachex within your Phoenix application. This tutorial walks through setting up a basic cache for some expensive queries.
Jan 01 2020

Elixir cond do

This blog post looks into the minor differences between using cond vs case within Elixir.
Aug 15 2019

Enum intersperse

Intersperse is the action of putting something in between other things.
Nov 24 2018

Enum sort

Some of the basics of sorting with the Enum module.
Sep 23 2018

Enum with an index

Iterating over a list and knowing the index or position of that item can be useful. Especially in situations where you know you need to perform some action or update some event.
Sep 22 2018

Recursion and Flat Map

Use of recursion and pattern matching in this module to create a flat map of a JSON object.
Aug 15 2018

String concat pattern matching

I have an application that wants to print out a specific format for location data. The data will sometimes be available.
Jul 15 2018

String split at

Remove a specific set of characters in a string at a specific point.
Jul 14 2018

With and else

How to use with and else statement for control structure
Jul 14 2018

String split

Divides a string into parts based on a pattern
Jul 13 2018

Custom Elixir Module for Filtering Lists

Create a custom Elixir module to filter items in a list, demonstrated through a warehouse order system example.
Jun 02 2018


→ postgres

Postgres not running with Homebrew

If you have the latest Apple M1 computer and you used homebrew to install postgres this quick tutorial might help you out.
Aug 29 2021

Date and Time Functions

This a small overview on the date and time functions available for Postgres
Apr 05 2019

Creating a View

This post goes through some steps and considerations into creating a view
Aug 27 2018

Import CSV

This blog post shows how you create a temporary table in Postgres that you then can import into the database
Aug 27 2018

Export to JSON

I need to export a tables data into JSON for prototyping and experiment purposes. This blog post is just for reminding me on the commands.
Aug 27 2018

List Databases

The commands to list databases and tables within the postgresql command line
Aug 27 2018

Export database

The shortcut command to export the DB from the console
Aug 26 2018

Export to CSV

The shortcut command to export a table into CSV
Aug 26 2018

Postgres Querying

This post contains some postgres querying and examples
Aug 26 2018

Accent characters

Postgres comes with many default extensions and they have one for dealing with accent characters.
Aug 25 2018

Case insensitive column

In Postgres, users can define case insensitive column by using the citext extension
Aug 25 2018

Delete specific rows

The shortcut command to delete specific rows from the console
Aug 25 2018


→ macos

Safari Capture Screenshots

Safari, has the ability to take full page screenshots of web pages. Use this menu option to capture full websites.
Apr 12 2019

Run localhost webserver

This shortcut makes it easy to run a local webserver from any folder. Only available for macos.
Aug 22 2018

Local IP addresses

This shortcut makes it easy to see machines that are connected to your network.
Aug 15 2018


→ vim

Learning VIM

In this blog post, I'm going to update it as I continue to learn vim. This post will be a reminder of shortcuts and set ups for making it easy to use and learn.
Feb 16 2019


→ yarn

Prepend node path error

I will sometimes see this error appear in my console. I just don't like seeing it appear. I want the npm WARN out of my terminal window. Follow this solution.
Mar 10 2019