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Postgres not running with Homebrew

If you have the latest Apple M1 computer and you used homebrew to install postgres this quick tutorial might help you out.


Date and Time Functions

This a small overview on the date and time functions available for Postgres

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Creating a View

This post goes through some steps and considerations into creating a view

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Import CSV

This blog post shows how you create a temporary table in Postgres that you then can import into the database

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Export to JSON

I need to export a tables data into JSON for prototyping and experiment purposes. This blog post is just for reminding me on the commands.

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List Databases

The commands to list databases and tables within the postgresql command line


Export database

The shortcut command to export the DB from the console

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Export to CSV

The shortcut command to export a table into CSV

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Postgres Querying

This post contains some postgres querying and examples

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Accent characters

Postgres comes with many default extensions and they have one for dealing with accent characters.

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Case insensitive column

In Postgres, users can define case insensitive column by using the citext extension

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Delete specific rows

The shortcut command to delete specific rows from the console

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