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Status Bar Background Color in SwiftUI

In iOS 15 it looks like the status bar default is now to have a transparent background. If you don't like this here is how you can change it.

swift, swiftui, ios15, statusbar – Jan 25 2022

Multiple Sheets in SwiftUI

Sometimes you will need to show different sheets within one SwiftUI view. This can be difficult to manage, but it can be solved using the latest in SwiftUI.

swift, swiftui, binding – Feb 15 2021

Background Color for SwiftUI

You want the entire background color filled.

swift, swiftui, color – Feb 14 2021

Enumerating Tuples In SwiftUI

ForEach with an Array of Tuples can cause some unexpected results, if your id that your using is not unique. Here is a story.

swift, swiftui, tuples, list – Feb 13 2021

Enumeration and ForEach

You want the ability to get the index from an array during a ForEach. Here are some things to consider.

swift, swiftui, color – Feb 12 2021

Swift Extensions

Swift extensions are a unique feature to the Swift language. I will try to outline all the different ways extensions are used in a project.

swiftui, swift, ios, extensions, color – Jun 26 2020

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