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Creating a View

This post goes through some steps and considerations into creating a view

postgres, console, database, postgres, view – Aug 27 2018

Import CSV

This blog post shows how you create a temporary table in Postgres that you then can import into the database

postgres, console, csv, import, csv – Aug 27 2018

Export to JSON

I need to export a tables data into JSON for prototyping and experiment purposes. This blog post is just for reminding me on the commands.

postgres, console, json – Aug 27 2018

Export database

The shortcut command to export the DB from the console

postgres, console, db – Aug 26 2018

Export to CSV

The shortcut command to export a table into CSV

postgres, console, db, csv – Aug 26 2018

Postgres Querying

This post contains some postgres querying and examples

postgres, console, db, querying – Aug 26 2018

Delete specific rows

The shortcut command to delete specific rows from the console

postgres, console, db – Aug 25 2018

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