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Preferred status bar style

Need to change the preferredStatusBarStyle for one fo your child view controllers in your app? It might not be obvious on how to do it. This article explores one solution.

swift, xcode, uistatusbarstyle – Oct 28 2018

Loading local JSON file

How to fetch a local JSON file. The articles discusses how you can access the local file system, using Codable and few other methods for prototyping.

swift, xcode, json, decodable – Oct 22 2018


In Swift 4 they added the ability for grouping. This post contains an example of using it on an Array.

swift, xcode, grouping – Oct 20 2018

Get font families

Sometimes a design might require a custom font to be used. This summary outlines the resources and steps required to get your custom fonts setup in your build.

swift, xcode – Oct 08 2018

Enum as asset identifiers

By using extensions on UIImage, you can use an Enum to catalog specific image assets

swift, xcode, enum – Oct 05 2018

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